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VW Engine Adapters & Disc Brake Conversions

All Engine Adaptors come with FlyWheel or Flexplate for Autos & ALL bolts. NO Modification required to fit any of these Kits. 

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About john sherman

VW enthusiast Since 1960

In 1959 John obtained a genuine Okrasa Twin Port setup for his 1200cc Beetle, which consisted of Twin Port Heads, Porsche Carbies and Forged Crankshaft. Although this kits cost John almost two thirds the price of a new Beetle he could now beat the Renaults, Fiats and Minis, until of course, the Cooper S came along.

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Over 100 different engine conversion adapters to suite VW gearboxs for beetles, buggies and buses.

Upgraded suspension parts and stabilisers.

Standard and Heavy Duty Clutch and pressure Plate kits to suite Type 1, 2 & 3. From 200mm to 228mm.

Technical information to help with your convertion.

Disc brake conversions front and rear to suite your desired stud pattern.

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